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websites revealed available on Amazon

July 2, 2013

Websites Revealed, the companion book to the workshop of the same name, was launched on June 27 and is available to purchase on Amazon.com.

The book is 168 pages of online technology information that is meant to be both a standalone resource for those learning about websites and online technology, and also a workbook for those attending the Websites Revealed workshop.

Google Voice tool for small business

February 6, 2013

Enter Google Voice, a free service available through Google. The number one reason I recommend Google Voice to business owners or entrepreneurs is the single, virtual phone number you are given. The virtual number can be used as your dedicated business line and can be set to ring through to whatever physical phone you assign it to. In most cases, this means the Google Voice number rings through to a personal cell phone, but rather than have the actual cell phone number advertised online, the Google Voice number acts as a filter between the world and your personal phone.

game technology solves real problems

January 22, 2013

An assistant professor of robotics at CMU, Adrien Treuille used a model similar to the game Tetris, where a shape is turned to fit correctly into the pieces below it, to digitize protein parts into various colors and sizes that corresponded with the real-life molecules, essentially turning the protein molecules into a digital toy. The brilliant result was a game called FoldIt.  Launched in May of 2008, users played with the protein “toy”, turning and folding the pieces into the most stable shapes they could make. Adriene hoped people would be interested in playing the new game.

Form vs. function in websites

September 16, 2011

Your website is a virtual storefront and the same considerations you would make for your customers in a brick and mortar store should be taken with your online business presence. The most common mistake a business owner makes when choosing a site design themselves is not understanding who the site is being built for. Wanting something that appeals to themselves, rather than the needs of their customers who will be using the site, is not the route to go.  

twitter followers - more is not better

August 26, 2011

I suppose for some Twitter users it is the prestige of saying that they have 10,000 followers, or 5000, or whatever the number is that must make these tweeters feel like they have accomplished something by getting to that number. But what about the number of people that those people follow? Find out why following less people on Twitter can help you digest the information in your Twitter stream, and also show your followers that you care about what you listen to online.

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